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Hello! I'm Keanu, a student Digital Media Manager on Thomas More. I'm a driven and eager to learn. I specific like to do tasks that seems impossible in someone else’s eyes. A good example, is when I walked to Scherpenheuvel (55 km) in one night. Just because my dad sad I couldn't do it. I'm always busy learning new things, this summer I started learning Blender and Japanese. How I see my future? Well, I really want to become a specialist in data and I want to work in a business who can trigger driven personality. Are You the one? Don't wait to contact me then!

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Facebook Ads

Google Analytics


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Front End Developer

Scout Den 92ste

In my 5 years of being a scout leader, I have gained a lot of experience in teamwork but also some practical stuff. I learned a lot about Facebook ads and event communication. This is where I found my love for data and what you can do with it.

Back End Developer


Every day I sit behind my desk trying new stuff. That's how I learned Blender. I saw a friend doing it and searched for it on the internet. It's the same with HTML and CSS, only to find out I was going to learn it the year after on school, but that's not the point. It's just an example to substantiate my point of me always trying new stuff.



Do you have a challenge for me? It's something I always search. Searching things that pushes me out of my comfort zone. And sometimes these challenges become a new lifestyle. That's how I started with fitness and eating healthier. It's also important in my work life, I started working as a waiter because I thought it was something that I never could do. But now it's my main student job.

My recent Works

A picture of den toren from Scouts Orama

Scouts Orama

The offline brunch flyers


The banner

Outdoor Cinema

The banner



Huur een Jin

Social Media 92ste